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About Us


QUANBY was founded in 2019 when a group of IT professionals from different parts of the world saw the need for a global business that offers high quality resources at affordable rates. We offer software and mobile application development, software customisations, integration services and data analytics.

In the current market, software development and associated services can be expensive and the quality of the delivered software can be variable. QUANBY was formed to provide a solution for both of these problems.

We have an extensive resource pool with a wide variety of skill sets. We do things differently by giving you the best customer service and ensuring high quality products and services. Once you engage QUANBY we take care of everything so you can focus on other areas. Ask us what skills you need and how we can help your business today and in the future.

Our Global Footprint

QUANBY is a global company with staff situated in both Australia and Sri Lanka with a customer base across the world.


Let QUANBY help your business join the digital revolution! We are a business where our success is based on us partnering, enabling and helping our customers to succeed.


We want to be the benchmark for being a great employer, we believe in equality and corporate social responsibility. We support our staff with great conditions, attractive remuneration and have a strong belief in a work life balance. 


We want the world to know and trust our brand. Because our business is global, we make it easier for companies to use our services anywhere around the world.