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Customized Software Development

Customized software is software that is modified/developed for a specific user or a group of users within a business. The application customisation is developed specifically with the organisation in mind and most likely only works for that organisation’s specific needs.

Customized software offers features that off the shelf software does not. The aim of Customized software is to increase efficiency and/or productivity for that specific business.

QUANBY have vast experience in customising software to suit every business need. We take the time to communicate through every step of the process, understand requirements, provide a realistic project plan, deliver on specification, on budget, and deliver modifications that have been tested to the highest quality standards.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are currently the most popular form of software development requests. QUANBY understands this need and can offer high quality mobile application development to meet every requirement. Many believe the future of business will be conducted via mobile applications. We offer software developers to build any application that you require or can imagine. We will provide Non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property while making sure we help you deliver your mobile application vision.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

Both small and big businesses need to use one of their most valuable resources to make the best decisions for their organisation. Information, when well organized and readily available can be used to reveal patterns, trends and associations that can help increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and provide opportunities for continuous improvement, strategic decisions and innovation.


QUANBY have expertise in the building the structure, organisation and ingestion of source data, data quality services, reporting, and business intelligence to help guide businesses through their data, how to make meaningful decisions from that data and understand their customer base better.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

High volume, repetitive and simple tasks that humans perform can benefit by the use of robotic process automation. RPA allows emulation of a human executing a repeatable work process when interacting with a business system. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) these tasks can be completed in the most efficient manner leveraging existing virtual infrastructure.

Examples of processes that can benefit from being robotically automated include data entry, data reconciliation, execution and download of reports, queries, calculations and maintenance of records and/or transactions.


Some of the benefits of using RPA are cost savings, moving humans and their decision making abilities to more valuable, complex tasks in your organisation, improved accuracy and quality, reduction of human error, consistency, speed of completion of tasks, getting through a larger amount of work (robots do not sleep) and increased efficiency with minimal disruptions to often expensive underlying legacy IT systems.


Ask QUANBY how we can automate processes in your business to create cost and time efficiencies.


The delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, software, networking, business intelligence and data analytics – over the internet (or “Cloud”) increases the speed of innovation, allows flexibility to scale up or scale down resources when required helping achieve economies of scale. You typically only pay for the cloud services you use, so using the cloud can help manage your operating costs and more efficiently scale as your business needs change.
Using Cloud services can improve overall system performance, increase reliability, strengthens the resiliency of your IT services and takes away the need to manage your own infrastructure, power and cooling. As cloud services are on demand and self-service, computing resources can be increased to cope with your business demands within minutes with just a few mouse clicks. 
QUANBY as a business have been using cloud services for all our IT systems from the very beginning of our company. We are experts in using the cloud ourselves so can definitely help your business convert your IT systems to get the most benefits out of cloud computing.

System Integration

Quanby deliver enhanced digital experiences and grow your business at speed and scale with industry-leading products for API management and enterprise integration.
Harness the full power of your APIs to optimize business performance. We’ll build, integrate and expose your digital services as managed APIs in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures to drive your digital transformation strategy. we’re specialized on some other leading enterprise integration platforms such as TIBCO, Microsoft Azure, WSO2.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Quanby can unlock your Business Value with IoT. We can help kick start your IoT journey by defining the right IoT landscape for you. Our well structured and methodical approach helps understand your business needs & we offer state of the art solutions to help your IoT requirements & solutions.

Application Support & Maintenance Services

Once we deliver a piece of software, an application and/or customisation QUANBY will continue to support and improve as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and continuous improvement. 


If a customer engages QUANBY to help them create something, we believe in being there to support and improve that product.


We want to partner with our customers, we are not a software development company that delivers an application and moves on to the next project. We believe in supporting and maintaining our work through the Software Development Life Cycle.